Secure by Design review promotes global collaboration on IoT security

On Wednesday, the UK government launched its Secure by Design review, a set of guidelines aimed at making internet-connected devices safer.

The report provides guidelines for the manufacturers of ‘smart’ devices and seeks to address the risks that poorly secured IoT devices pose to online security, privacy and safety.

Discussing this news, Ollie Whitehouse, CTO at NCC Group, praised the review, highlighting why a collaborative approach to security is so vital.

“It’s absolutely right that the government places the responsibility for inbuilt security on manufacturers, rather than consumers. We’ve seen the implications of insecure internet-connected devices far too often, including how they can be remotely accessed and used to obtain consumer data, making it all the more important for manufacturers to build security in to their design processes from start to finish.

“Going forward, it’s vital that manufacturers and the wider cyber security industry work closely with the government to share knowledge and work together to develop sustainable IoT solutions. Of course, this isn’t just a UK issue, and we fully support the government taking an international stance on internet-connected device security. We want to see consistent and standardised cyber security approaches adopted across the board.”


Published date:  07 March 2018

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