NCC Group welcomes Cyber Export Strategy launch

The UK Government has today launched the Cyber Export Strategy, setting out how it will strengthen support to world-leading British firms with innovative offers emerging from the nation’s vibrant cyber security system.

Ollie Whitehouse, chief technical officer at NCC Group said: “After engaging closely with government we are delighted to see the Cyber Export Strategy come to fruition.

“The six ‘most promising’ sectors that the government has identified for cyber security exports are very closely aligned to our own expertise. Our experience and research credentials in healthcare, energy, government, financial services, automotive and digital infrastructure stand us in good stead for continued international growth.

“Cyber security is a global challenge. While the success of UK cyber security businesses will help our economy domestically, it is also a significant export opportunity and at the same time can support international collaboration and capability building against an ever-changing threat landscape.

“We are proud to work closely with the Department for International Trade (DIT) to maintain the UK’s status as a global leader in cyber security. We will continue to fly the flag for the UK cyber security sector, and look forward to further discussion with DIT around the export of essential cyber security tools used by our specialists to help secure organisations globally.”

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Published date:  27 March 2018

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