NCC Group’s xstormlive tool now available for online purchase

Changes and additions to the network, misconfigured servers, outdated software and human error are just some of the common causes of threat vulnerabilities being inadvertently introduced into the corporate IT infrastructure. Without regular security scanning, vulnerabilities can go unnoticed and could potentially be exploited.

xstormlive is an external vulnerability scanning platform, helping to protect networks with both scheduled and ad hoc scans of user’s internet perimeters. It provides users with a self-contained platform enabling them to perform network and web application vulnerability scanning.

xstormlive is powered by multiple commercial and open source vulnerability scanning engines, harnessing the strengths of various scanners in order to identify the broadest range of vulnerabilities.

NCC Group is now offering xstormlive for direct purchase online, making it even easier for organisations to scan for vulnerabilities:

‘An important part of any cyber security strategy’

Michelle Barry, director of product and development at NCC Group, said: “Frequent vulnerability scanning is an important part of any cyber security strategy, allowing organisations to regularly identify and remediate vulnerabilities. Now that xstormlive is available for online purchase it’s even easier to set up these scans, making it more accessible for companies of all sizes.”

For more information about xstormlive visit:

Published date:  15 February 2018

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