NCC Group informs House of Lords AI Committee report

NCC Group has contributed to the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee Report published today, which sets out recommendations on the skills, government support and regulations needed to develop a thriving AI sector in the UK.

The company submitted evidence to the report and has been quoted throughout, including warnings around attackers utilising AI and machine learning for offensive operations, as well as the importance of implementing clear mechanisms and processes to prevent such attacks.

Ollie Whitehouse, CTO, NCC Group said: “Since its emergence, AI has sent ripples throughout most industries across the world and is revolutionising the way we work, meaning it is all the more important for ethical and cyber security considerations to be taken into account at this stage. Having the Committee consider our stance on AI and highlight our research in the report is testament to our ongoing focus on helping to improve the security posture of the UK.

“Like many emerging technologies, AI is a double-edged sword – it has the capability to completely transform industries for the better, while also offering new targets and methods of attack for cyber criminals. The real-world impact of attacks which manipulate or taint data to affect operations could be sizable and so putting measures in place to ensure the integrity of data is crucial.

“This report demonstrates that the wheels are in motion to implement the appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks to protect organisations and individuals, while allowing the UK AI industry to thrive. We welcome the Committee’s proposals and look forward to seeing how the government progresses with the recommendations set out in this report.”

NCC Group’s evidence has been included on pages 99 and 100 of the report, which can be found here:

NCC Group’s full submission can be found on the Parliament website:

Published date:  16 April 2018

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