NCC Group included in Defence Committee report

Global cyber security and risk mitigation expert, NCC Group, has contributed to the Defence Committee’s recently published report into the threat posed by North Korea.

The company submitted evidence to the report and has been quoted throughout, including its comments regarding North Korea’s “well-established pipeline to develop skilled cyber personnel” and NCC Group’s support for the NCSC in boosting cooperation between public and private organisations, as well as its call for yet more collaboration.

Ollie Whitehouse, chief technical officer at NCC Group, said: “We’re delighted to have contributed to this report. As the report as a whole, and our evidence, sets out, the possibility of successful cyber attacks from North Korea is very real.

“With a sophisticated network of threat actors in North Korea and basic vulnerabilities often still in place in the UK’s IT systems, raising awareness of and coming up with solutions to this problem is vital. We’re committed to supporting the NCSC and wider government in tackling this growing threat.”

NCC Group’s evidence has been included on pages 19 and 22 of the report, which can be found here:

NCC Group’s full submission can be found on the Parliament website:

Published date:  05 April 2018

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