Commonwealth cyber security investment a ‘valuable step forward’

The UK government has announced a £15 million investment to help Commonwealth countries strengthen their cyber security capabilities.

This investment will also underpin technical assistance, training and advice projects. £5 million will also be dedicated to supporting low and middle-income Commonwealth members in carrying out their national cyber security capacity reviews before 2020.

Praising this move, Ollie Whitehouse, global CTO at NCC Group, said: “Cyber security is a trans-national issue, and we support all efforts to strengthen the security posture of organisations and governments on a global scale. Within the Commonwealth the UK has a responsibility to other members to provide guidance, insight and support. So it is absolutely right that the UK, with its world-leading capabilities, supports its international partners in building resilience worldwide and especially those bound by a commonwealth.

“This is a valuable step forward for the global cyber security community, as it is now more important than ever to commit to a shared vision in cyberspace for a safer and more collaborative digital future. Threat actors work across boundaries and so there is a need to establish a mutual understanding of threats, vulnerabilities and practicable defence.

“With our global footprint and offices across the Commonwealth, including Canada, Australia and Singapore, we are committed to supporting foreign governments in order to enhance digital resilience and ensure that our expertise is felt around the world.”


Published date:  18 April 2018

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