NCC Group welcomes government commitment to security and addressing skills shortages

Following Chancellor Philip Hammond’s second UK budget, NCC Group has released a comment from Brian Tenner, interim CEO, which welcomes the government’s promise to address the issue of security in new technologies, as well as the lack of skills in the sector.

The government has announced a total £1bn investment in technology and innovation, which includes a focus on security as an in-built consideration across new technologies, from self-driving vehicles to AI.

Brian Tenner, interim CEO at NCC Group, said:

“As new technologies are being developed at speed, ensuring that security is an in-built consideration is crucial. It’s extremely positive to see such a clear commitment to this from the government and we hope that today’s announcement will also reinforce this message across industry.

“The government’s decision to act on the pressing issue of skills shortages is another welcome step in the right direction. Following the disheartening recent news that more than half of schools don’t offer computer science GCSEs, the promise of training of an additional 8,000 teachers is more than encouraging.

“To build on this even further, the new Centre for National Computing must remain in touch with industry developments in order to credibly present the wide range of career options to students across all fields of computer science, and actively encourage diversity at every level.

“We’re also hopeful that the Transforming Cities Fund will be used to promote existing clusters and hotbeds of technological innovation in leading growth areas, such as Manchester.”


Published date:  23 November 2017

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