NCC Group CTO: The cyber capabilities of organised crime groups targeting the private sector shouldn’t be underestimated

The UK should not underestimate the economic impact that cyber activities from organised crime groups are having on the private sector.

That is the view of Ollie Whitehouse, CTO at NCC Group, who made the comments in the Houses of Parliament while providing evidence to the Joint Committee on National Security Strategy (JCNSS).

The JCNSS heard from a number of security experts about risks faced in the UK, the relationship between the public and private sectors and the issue of international cyber rules and governance.

In addition, Whitehouse said that the UK’s ageing information technology systems do not make it any easier to remain on a secure footing. Indeed the age of the existing systems could exacerbate the impact of a successful cyber attack.

“The UK adopted some technologies very early on and by virtue of that we have some comparatively old legacy systems that run some quite key elements of our country and that in itself provides some unique challenges.”

He also told the committee the binary concept that you are either ‘secure or not secure’ is long gone.

“You need to be able to deal with successful cyber attacks of varying degrees of impact and be able to recover accordingly with the minimum level of disruption. That is why resilience in all systems is a key concept in cyber security.

“Unfortunately, security is to a greater or lesser extent not seen by buyers as a key point in terms of that purchasing decision.

“The UK’s resilience is probably not where it should be. That’s where the National Cyber Security Strategy outlined the levers and incentive models that we need to take a very long hard look at to understand how we can increase that resilience,” Whitehouse added.

If you would like to watch the full evidence session, please use the link below:

Published date:  28 March 2017

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