News comment: Global ransomware outbreak

Following reports of a new, global ransomware outbreak, NCC Group has released an initial comment from Ollie Whitehouse, CTO. 

Whitehouse said: “Ransomware is not a sophisticated tool in an attacker’s armoury, and yet it can bring companies of all sizes to a grinding halt. We saw similar widespread infection across the NHS and other organisations in May, and this attack appears to share some similar characteristics.

“Cyber security is not a static issue. Companies must be constantly agile to the changing threat landscape and ensure resilience is a key strand of their defensive strategy. In the case of ransomware that means keeping regular back-ups, and having a well-rehearsed crisis action plan to ensure all departments are aligned in their response.

“The volume of attacks that companies face is only going to increase in the future. All businesses should be looking at their cyber security governance structures in light of today’s events.


We've recently updated our Surviving Ransomware eBook, designed to provide real-world advice as to what organisations should do to minimise the likelihood of initial infection as well as limit any impact should that fail.

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Published date:  27 June 2017

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