NCC Group updates its xStorm vulnerability scanning

NCC Group has released a significant update to its vulnerability self-scanning system, xStorm Live. Updates include a new user interface, improved usability as well as a number of other exciting new features.

xStorm Live is an external vulnerability scanning service which provides clients with the ability to carry out vulnerability scanning using NCC Group’s supplied and maintained ‘scanning as a service’ platform.

xStorm Live allows clients to scan external assets when required, without recourse to a third party, and perform external vulnerability scanning using multiple best in class scanners without the need to setup hosting, servers and software.

The updated version give clients quicker vulnerability discovery capabilities as well as access to features such as additional web application scanning engines, improved search functionality across the product and credentialed/authenticated infrastructure scanning.. The latest release also features improved security and scalability as well as enhanced dashboard views.

New licencing models are also available to cater for a defined number of scans, in addition to the unlimited scan model.

Jon Inns, Director of Product Management at NCC Group, said: “We are delighted to update our xStorm vulnerability scanning platform and the product has been significantly updated to ensure our clients get the best possible overall service.

A migration plan is in place for existing clients where the both old and new systems will be available to clients so that they can become familiar with the new system as they move away from the old version.”

Published date:  23 June 2017

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