NCC Group’s Piranha tool now available for online purchase – making it even easier to test your defences against phishing attacks

Did you know that it takes an average of just one minute 29 seconds for an organisation to be breached by a phishing attack*?

With its Piranha phishing simulation tool, NCC Group helps organisations to identify where weaknesses lie and how they can improve their defences. To make it even easier for organisations to get started with Piranha, it is now available to buy directly online:

Jon Inns, director of product management at NCC Group, said: “The risk of phishing attacks to businesses, regardless of size, is getting higher and so it is vital that organisations take action now to reduce the chances of being caught out.”

“We are making it more convenient for our customers to purchase our Piranha service so that they can get started immediately and find out how susceptible their employees may be to this kind of attack.”

In addition, NCC Group’s Domain Intelligence tool is now also available to buy online.

Domain Intelligence monitors the Internet to spot potential abuse against brand names, alerting users to any domains which are being purchased that could potentially be used for fraudulent purposes such as phishing and domain squatting.

For more information about Piranha visit:

*Statistics from NCC Group’s phishing platform

Published date:  13 February 2017

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