Reduce the risk of domain abuse with NCC Group’s Domain Intelligence tool – now available to buy online

Your domain name is as important in today’s digital world as your logo.

Everyone who enters your URL into their browser should come to your website, but what happens if a criminal has registered a very similar version of your domain in order to lure your customers to a fake website?

Would you even know about it?

NCC Group’s Domain Intelligence platform is now available to buy directly online:, making it even easier for you to find out whether you are the victim of domain abuse. The service monitors the Internet to spot potential abuse against brand names alerting users to any domains which are being purchased that could potentially be used for fraudulent purposes such as phishing.

Jon Inns, director of product management at NCC Group, said: “With Domain Intelligence now available online, organisations can start to track domain abuse immediately and take action if they are registered by a malicious third party.

The Domain Intelligence platform provides users with daily reports of similar domain names being registered including detailed information about the registration. If a domain is registered by a third party for the purpose of abusing the domain, the user will be notified so the appropriate action can be taken.

NCC Group’s phishing simulation tool, Piranha, has also been launched online following a surge in demand.

Piranha is a phishing simulation tool which is designed to highlight weaknesses within organisations to determine which defences need to be improved.

For more information about Domain Intelligence visit:


Published date:  13 February 2017

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