NCC Group graduate programme “ideal for those wanting to work in cyber security”

NCC Group’s Technical Security Consulting graduate scheme is an ideal way to enter the cyber security industry and learn a range of vital skills.

That’s the view of Felix Ingram, technical executive principal at NCC Group, who leads the programme.

Over 100 people have completed the scheme, which was established three years ago in a bid to close the cyber skills gap.

As part of the programme, graduates and non-graduates are given six months of training, mentoring, research opportunities and non-billed client exposure.

Ingram added: “As concern over the shortage of young people entering the industry grows, we’re proud of the fact our programme has trained more than 100 new consultants and we’re looking forward to increasing the number of people who have graduated from the scheme.”

Jennifer Salisbury-Jones, a recent graduate of the scheme, said: “I learned more than I ever expected to throughout my six months. The mentoring I received was fantastic and I am really pleased that the end result was a job at NCC Group.”

To register your interest in the NCC Group graduate programme, visit:

Published date:  08 February 2017

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