Scott Stender & Chris Anley return to NCC Group

Two former NCC Group employees, Scott Stender and Chris Anley, have returned to the Group to take up senior positions.

Both Stender and Anley have a wealth of experience in the security sector and founded companies that were acquired by NCC Group. Stender was a co-founder of iSEC Partners, while Anley was a co-founder of NGS.

Scott Stender is now vice-president of the Group’s Cryptography Services division in the US and Chris Anley has taken on the role of chief scientist in the UK.

Roger Rawlinson, managing director of Assurance at NCC Group, said that he is delighted to welcome Stender and Anley back to the team.

He added: “I’ve been at NCC Group since it was established back in 1999 and was lucky enough to work with both Stender and Anley when they first joined the Group.

“The expertise and experience that the pair bring is invaluable. Both are very highly regarded in the industry and it is fantastic that they have chosen to return home to NCC Group.”

Published date:  22 September 2016

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