Cyber security marketing and industry perceptions "must change”

There are plenty of opportunities for women in cyber security, but marketing and industry perceptions need to change in order to encourage more females to work in the sector, new research from CREST has suggested.

The not-for-profit accreditation and certification body, which represents the technical information security industry, has released the report authored by Eleanor Dallaway following its 2016 diversity workshop.

“It’s important to dissect why there are very few female applicants to the cyber security industry in order to try and rectify the situation,” Dallaway emphasised in the publication.

“Workshop participants offered several reasons as to why they believe women aren’t applying for roles in the industry and many of those reasons suggest that the perception of the industry is to blame.”

NCC Group security consultants Katy Winterborn and Eleanor Chapman attended the workshop which took place earlier this year.

Of the findings, Winterborn said: “I think the main takeaway is that the industry must start working collaboratively to change how it is viewed.”

Click here to read the report in full.

Published date:  08 September 2016

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