Active cyber defences will "raise the bar"

Active cyber defences will raise the bar and make a cyber criminal’s job harder.

This is the view of Rob Cotton, CEO at NCC Group, who said such an approach will also allow the security community to have a greater focus on more sophisticated threats.

He made the comments after the head of the UK’s new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Ciaran Martin, spoke publicly about the centre’s aims and objectives. He discussed an automated approach to dealing with low-level threats.

Speaking at the Billington Cyber Security Summit in Washington DC, Martin said the NCSC will deliver an “ambitious strategy” that the Government is preparing.

That strategy, he added, is about tackling the most capable threats and protecting important national systems.

Cotton welcomed Martin’s comments. He said: “We are pleased to see further details on the NCSC’s strategy, particularly around dealing with both low and high-level threats.

“We have always advocated a strong partnership between the public and private sector in dealing with the cyber security issues this country faces, and it’s positive to see this coming to fruition.”

Earlier this week, the National Audit Office also released a report into the Government’s approach to digital security which was critical of a lack of communication between teams responsible for security.

On the NAO report, Cotton was comfortable that Government was addressing the issues that were raised.

He continued: “The findings from the NAO report highlight issues that the Government is already seeking to cure. Improvements can always be made when it comes to cyber security, but we are confident that the Government is taking these issues seriously.”

Published date:  15 September 2016

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