NCC Group releases update for the NCC SQuirreL Suite

NCC Group has updated its SQuirreL suite to add support for the open-source, NoSQL database server, MongoDB.

NCC SQuirreL is a vulnerability scanner for identifying exploitable security weaknesses in commonly used databases.

MongoDB has seen increasing adoption over the last few years and is now ranked as the fifth most commonly deployed database. In recent years, poorly configured and unsecure MongoDBs have been exploited on a number of occasions, resulting in significant breaches and business interruptions that could have been avoided.

The SQuirreL update allows database administrators and security professionals to identify vulnerabilities such as missing patches, weak passwords, excessive permissions and lack of encryption.

MongoDB is the latest addition to NCC SQuirreL’s growing family of supported databases for vulnerability protection, adding to the award-winning support for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM’s DB2, IBM’s Informix and Sybase ASE.

Published date:  13 October 2016

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