National College of Cyber Security set to open at Bletchley Park

Plans have been revealed to open a new National College of Cyber Security at Bletchley Park.

The site, which housed the codebreakers who helped bring about the end of World War II, is set to become the home for a new generation of cyber security specialists.

Reports suggest that the new National College of Cyber Security will open in Autumn 2018 and house more than 500 students.

Bletchley Park acted as the headquarters of Britain’s cryptanalysts during the Second World War, producing vital secret intelligence and successfully decrypting the German Enigma code.

Ollie Whitehouse, technical director at NCC Group, said creating a college at the historic site will undoubtedly encourage more interest in an area of study the UK must begin to populate.

He added: “As sophisticated cyber attacks become ever more common in society, there is a growing need to educate future generations to protect the country and its organisations.”

A number of NCC Group employees spent a day at Bletchley Park in June 2016 as the site has significant relevance for the work that the Group’s employees do today in information security. Click here to read about the visit.

Published date:  24 November 2016

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