GDPR deadline fast approaching – preparation should start now

The recent announcement on 31 October by the Secretary of State Karen Bradley MP that the UK will be implementing the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is welcome news for many organisations concerned about the fast-approaching deadline of 25 May 2018.

With the uncertainty removed around whether or not UK companies would need to comply with GDPR following Brexit, organisations should now move quickly to define their GDPR roadmap. This will help them to understand the work involved and ensure that any costs are factored into budgets and plans going forward.

If organisations had any doubts before about whether they would need to implement new processes in order to comply with GDPR, this announcement should remove them. On a practical level, organisations will have to do a number of things to prepare including gaining top level management buy-in. A current-state assessment should be conducted as well to understand the existing level of compliance and where any gaps might be. Security incident process documents and templates for notification of any breaches should also be drafted.

At NCC Group, we have seen an increase in requests to deliver our GDPR awareness services, both in the UK and in other EU member states and expect this to gather pace following the announcement.

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Published date:  01 November 2016

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