Fox-IT and SWIFT sign new commitment to cyber security

NCC Group’s Netherlands-based Fox-IT division has reconfirmed its partnership with SWIFT to combat cyber security challenges affecting the global financial community.

Representatives from Fox-IT signed a memorandum of understanding with the global member-owned cooperative and provider of secure financial messaging services, further establishing a commitment to supporting SWIFT’s cyber security efforts.

The memorandum was signed during a Belgian state visit in the presence of a number of the country’s political figures including Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders, Minister-President Geert Bourgois and Minister-President Rudi Vervoort.

Fox-IT’s work with SWIFT has so far involved working closely with the organisation to implement a Customer Security Programme (CSP) which launched in June 2016. Further work will involve continued proactive intelligence-gathering and forensic analysis.

The relationship between Fox-IT and SWIFT has already delivered tangible results, helping to detect and prevent attacks against SWIFT customers.

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Published date:  30 November 2016

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