NCC Group provides cyber expertise for second series of Channel 4 show Hunted

A team of cyber security experts from NCC Group will be returning to TV screens across the country this autumn for the second series of Channel 4 show Hunted. 

In the show a group of volunteers are given fugitive status to go on the run and they must evade capture from some of the world’s best investigators for up to 28 days.

NCC Group has provided the cyber expertise for the second year running and is joined by various specialists including ex-military and police detectives.

Paul Vlissidis (pictured), technical director at NCC Group, led the cyber team on the show and said it was fantastic to be involved again.

He added: “There are a few twists and turns in this year’s series and the introduction of a prize fund of £100,000 for those who manage to avoid being caught provides an added incentive for those trying to avoid detection.

"The cyber team monitored the digital footprints of dozens of the fugitive’s key associates and provided critical intelligence to the other hunter teams

"Nobody can live their lives entirely offline anymore and even if fugitives ‘go dark’ their associates can still reveal vital clues which help us to find them. We just follow the trail of digital breadcrumbs to our target."

NCC Group’s Doug Ipperciel, Chris Mayhew and Richard Warren joined Vlissidis on the cyber team.

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Published date:  16 August 2016

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