BlackHat Europe 2017: NCC Group pre-event challenge part two

Following on from the cipher challenge released recently in the build up to BlackHat EU (Hint: people seem to have had more success working in pairs on that one) we have a Mystery file to identify and to extract a flag.

The attached file was found on a very old system.  Can you identify the file type, platform and extract the flag?


Bin File

MD5 hash of file mystery.bin:


If you complete any of the challenges and are lucky enough to be attending Black Hat, you can come and see us on our stand to claim some warez. Otherwise, submit all of your answers or flags to by Friday 8 December to be added to the cooking pot.

For more involved exercises you can take a look at our ninja challenge here:

Good luck and have fun.

Check out our first challenge


Published date:  05 December 2017

Written by:  NCC Group Reporter

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