Improvements to real user monitoring deliver better insight into performance, conversion and revenue

We’ve been working really hard recently to deliver more insight in more accessible ways through real user monitoring (RUM). And if you’ve logged into your account lately, you’ll have noticed some big changes.

Instant overview of performance over time on home screen

The home screen now gives you an instant view of traffic, load time, conversions, revenue and bounces: in short, the perfect overview of your site’s performance at a glance.

As with all our reports, you can filter by URL, location, browser, device and network. You can also use the compare feature to look at different user segments (e.g. smartphone versus desktop). 

This is a great way to get a quick view of how changes in one metric (for a given user segment) may be related to changes in another.

Performance impact prediction

How would a faster website impact conversions, session length, bounce rates and revenue?

The performance impact prediction report shows you the changes you can expect as a result of making your website faster or slower. Our data scientists have been crunching the numbers over the past couple of weeks to make it more accurate than ever. 

Use this report to help you define your performance goals for different user segments – and to prioritise your performance optimisation efforts. Do you need to focus on making your site faster for mobile users, for example?

Performance trends

The performance trends report has also changed. It now automatically highlights anomalies if load times fall outside of expected ranges.

Knowing when your site is starting to behave differently for visitors is incredibly useful – and gives you the perfect starting point for further investigation.

We have lots more planned for this report, so watch this space!

We’ll be announcing more updates to RUM and more about the insights you can get from it over the coming weeks.

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Published date:  03 March 2017

Written by:  Drew Post

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