Dashboard update makes it easier to see your monitors' status

Last week we released an update to the Interactive Monitoring Dashboard, so that it shows the current status of each monitor.

It’s something a number of customers have asked for because it could sometimes be difficult to see a change in severity. This was particularly true when looking at a big time range or when viewing the dashboard on a wall-board screen.

With this update, you’ll have a much better at-a-glance view of the status of all your monitors.

We’ve used the same icons as in the main Monitoring portal, so it should be familiar to you, and make the current status very clear.

The icons will be updated at the same time as the monitor’s graph. The dashboard updates the whole page every minute, staggering the update of each monitor within that minute.

Here’s what it looks like – as you can see, the icon is shown to the right of the severity graph:

If you want to disable this and return to the original view, there is a new configuration option under settings (via the cog icon):

Uncheck this option to return to the original view.

We hope you find this enhancement useful, but if you have any further ideas, we’d love to hear from you.

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Published date:  11 December 2017

Written by:  Paul Bianciardi

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