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In the media it may seem as though a different organisation is being breached almost every day by new and evolving cyber attacks.

Cyber attacks are becoming ever more frequent and the need to protect data and systems has never been more important.

It isn’t just the larger enterprises that need to take action, small businesses are at risk. However, most small and micro businesses do not have the necessary IT skills, let alone in-depth knowledge about cyber security, to know how best to protect themselves.

What policies and procedures should they adopt? What software they should install? What settings should they change?

Key questions business owners should be asking themselves when it comes to their cyber security:

Why? The cyber security processes and policies a business has are vital to ensure both business and customer data is protected. This is essential for three key reasons:

  • Cost: Organisations can now face fines of up to six figure sums for data loss.
  • Continuity: Failure to protect your business can put daily operations at risk of being shut down, for example in the situation of facing ransomware demands.
  • Reputation: Brand perception and customer trust can be significantly impacted and even irreparably damaged if data is deemed not to be stored safely.

How? There are simple steps that can be taken to safeguard your network, protect your data and educate your people. However, with the demands faced by small businesses the ability to execute this is a greater challenge than it seems.

When? Immediately. Breaches can often go undetected for months – and even years – with many organisations not even realising they have been breached. Only with proper analysis and monitoring can an organisation ensure they have a safe hold on key information.

NCC Group has launched a new offering aimed at helping to provide small businesses with the tools they need to tackle their key cyber security risks.



NCC Group’s SME Assured includes:

Network scanning: Providing scans of the network, looking to detect viruses and threats

Data protection: A review of company policies to ensure that you have the right standards and frameworks in place to protect your organisation

Education: Utilising our Piranha service to simulate phishing campaigns, providing training and awareness to employees on how to spot suspicious activity

Threat Intelligence: Presenting you with a threat profile of your industry – enabling your business to remain alert to growing trends without needing to conduct your own in-depth research

Support: 24/7 helpline on hand to support with any cyber incidents


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