Website Performance Monitoring

How do you know your website is available and performing as it should be?

Website Performance Monitoring will ensure that your Website is Available 24/7

Websites are often the first port of call for customers, so reliable monitoring is essential. We provide website monitoring services to some of the UK's top e-retailers, offering a uniquely stable testing platform and accurate, timely alerts.

Website availability and performance are now critical for any business: research shows that 57% of online shoppers will wait three seconds or less for a website to load before abandoning it.

Our website monitoring service is a reliable source of accurate and actionable data on performance and availability. We provide customisable 24/7 alerts to help you react faster than your competition.

Key Features

• Consistent, repeatable testing - Tests are throttled to simulate end user connection speeds and are unaffected by ISP slowdowns or fluctuations in exchange performance.

• Browser emulation based on the latest generation of browsers.

• Expert managed service, building and maintaining the monitoring scripts you require.

• International monitoring - We can monitor how your site performs all over the globe.   

We also provide managed monitoring, allowing you to use monitoring as more than just an alerting tool. Our web performance experts will analyse your data, offering insights to help you identify problems and improve your site’s performance.

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Why NCC Group?
  • We monitor 20 million web pages every week
  • We provide expert advice to more than 500 blue chip clients
  • We have many years of experience in delivering expert testing and web performance services
  • We help customers to maximise their revenue by optimising the performance of their websites
  • We've invested heavily in infrastructure & tier one connectivity to provide a consistent, reliable testing environment