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Do you find yourself compromising quality to save money?

With NCC Group's Test Centre, we can reduce the cost of your test delivery using a UK based secure test lab and ensure that quality is still the top priority.

Historically, in order to significantly reduce the costs of testing, companies have been pushed towards moving their services offshore. The cost benefits of making these changes have often been difficult to realise as companies grapple with issues such as quality, security and flexibility. 

NCC Group has developed a secure test centre in Manchester UK, to provide a range of low cost, high quality and scalable outsourced software testing services that offer a cost-effective alternative to offshoring.

Organisations are now using our Test Centre service to improve results by moving their testing activities from a costly in-house model or migrating back from offshore.

Key Features

  • Outsourced, cost effective testing solution scalable to your business requirements.
  • Proven quality processes with certificates in ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001.
  • Consistent level of service from a professional testing team.
  • A true partnership that has the benefits of a dedicated testing team without the overhead of managing it.
  • Guaranteed testing coverage using professional testers (we cover all holidays and absences using only trained resources that understand your applications).
  • Low cost blended teams of senior and standard testers aligned to suit your testing complexity.
  • Professional advice and support in all areas of IT Assurance.
  • Work transmitted from secure facilities that can process data up to IL5.
  • Location independent facilities.

We are able to offer functional testing, including system testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing, plus compatibility and accessibility testing, against traditional in-house applications, cloud based deployed applications and mobile applications.

Our services are delivered from secure facilities that can transmit data up to IL5 reducing risks and guaranteeing the highest level of peace of mind for your project.

Our dedicated testing teams can assure your application's functionality and compatibility with multiple browsers, desktops and mobile devices, minimising risk and cost with a high quality, UK-based testing facility.

As an organisation we also hold certifications from CREST, PCI SSC, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 ensuring that we adhere to the highest levels of security & quality.

Long Term Benefits

We appreciate that wherever possible, organisations will only want to outsource their testing activities once, as the effort involved in doing this can be significant. With that in mind NCC Group works hard to ensure that our customers are entirely confident that the processes we apply are entirely suitable to their needs.

Before we commence any testing activities for a new customer, we will carry out a thorough analysis and due diligence exercise which is aimed at accurately mapping your current underlying test processes and ensuring that we can improve results, deliver quality and add value. Our experts will spend at least a full week (at no cost) with you, developing your bespoke outsourced arrangements to allow us to meet and exceed your expectations.

We are able to provide dedicated and experienced Test Managers and Account Managers who are there to manage your day to day testing activities and provide you with comprehensive feedback and management information.

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Why NCC Group?
  • We have many years' experience in delivering expert software testing services
  • We are an independent software testing specialist
  • We don’t rely upon, or recommend, the use of any one testing tool or process
  • We create bespoke solutions tailored to meet the individual requirement of every business
  • We have a team of over 200 experienced specialists
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