SQuirreL Vulnerability Scanner

How can you track down and assess weak points in your security stature?­­­

SQuirreL is the high-powered vulnerability assessment scanner for RDBMS infrastructures that exceeds standard specifications and allows systems professionals and database administrators to quickly and accurately assess security vulnerabilities and deficits.

Key Features

  • One click fix - fixes vulnerabilities by generating lockdown scripts.
  • Multiple reporting formats (Text, RTF, HTML, XML and external database).
  • Flexibility - multiple audit levels with an option to change the configuration of all checks performed.
  • Checks for unencrypted sensitive information such as credit card and Social Security numbers.
  • Comparative reporting (confirmation of fixed issues and alerts on new threats).

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ora squirrel dashboard

SQuirreL versions are available for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM Informix, IBM DB2 and Sybase ASE. These vulnerability assessment scanners set the standard for relational database infrastructures and have been developed with the help of the highly experienced NCC Group research team. More than simply scanners, some SQuirreL versions provide the capability to audit password quality, rectify identified threats and manage users and roles as well as system and object privileges.

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