Do you want full control of the security issues surrounding your online applications and front-end servers?

OraScan performs robust, in-depth security vulnerability audits, seeking out potential problem areas like SQL injection, cross-site scripting and poor web server configuration in Oracle web applications.

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OraScan can also be deployed to audit the configuration of IAS web servers, ensuring that the web application portion of your database software architecture is free of any security weaknesses.

Key Features

  • Flexible web server auditing:
    • Oracle web applications on Oracle Internet application servers
    • Oracle web applications on any other web application servers
  • Complete automated auditing:
    • Front-end server security and online applications security
  • Configuration audits:
    • Ensures that no security holes exist within the base software
    • Includes PL/SQL, JSP, SQLJSP and XSQL
  • Advanced spidering capability:
    • Derives the structure of an Oracle web application and tests each functional component
    • Includes checks for all site links and referenced scripts
  • Multiple reporting formats (TXT, RTF, HTML, XML & External Database)
  • Fast, easy to use & highly configurable
  • In-depth vulnerability audits uncovering threats such as:
    • SQL injection
    • Cross site scripting
    • Poor web server configuration
  • New checks added in August 2011 include: -
    • Over 200 new default DAD's
    • Many new default directories and files
    • 12 vulnerable PL/SQL packages

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