GCSx Code of Connection (CoCo)

As part of the GCSx CoCo requirements, do you need a trusted penetration testing partner?

As a Green light CHECK accredited company, our IT Health Check test will help you to establish the risks on your IT assets and how they are being managed. Our IT Health Check supports many aspects of GCSX CoCo assurance, from a high-level risk assessment to full penetration testing, we will provide recommendations to help you fully meet your compliance.

Government Connect Secure Extranet is a secure, private wide area network that enables secure interactions between connected local authorities and other GSi connected organisations.

In order to connect to it, local authorities need to sign up to the Code of Connection (CoCo) that defines the minimum standards and processes that an authority must comply with. As GCSX is a secure, accredited, fully-managed service that is hosted from geographically separate data centres, providing data security and network resilience at all times, GCSX CoCo requires local authorities to undergo penetration testing before connecting to it, to assure the integrity of the network.

GCSx CoCo specifically suggests vulnerability scanning as part of an IT Health Check. While testing by a CHECK accredited company is not mandated when protectively marked material is not present, it is recommended in the Code.

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