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    Understanding Commercial Sector Threat Intelligence and Cyber Security

    Introduction Threat Intelligence (TI) and similar capabilities in the context of cyber security have in the last few years become something ...

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    TLS Certificates and .trust

    Introduction A critical part of the .trust standard is that nearly all network traffic associated with a domain is encrypted. For web and em ...

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    Some notes about the Xen XSA-122 bug

    tl;dr; This is a summary of a vulnerability in Xen I found earlier in 2015, and why it’s not very useful in practice. Basically you can leak ...

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    Introducing the Trusted Gateway

    Introduction It’s been three decades since DNS was invented and we moved from addressing computer systems by unintelligible IP address and a ...

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    Evolving supply chain integrity

    Whether you’re a vehicle manufacturer, grocery outlet, private banking corporation, or even the corner pizza delivery company, your digital ...

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    Benefits of using SaaS to deliver Treasury Management Systems

    Almost one-in-two North American organisations use Software as a Service (SaaS) to deliver their Treasury Management System (TMS), a new sur ...

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    What Is the Webpage Toaster?

    An interview with Professional Services Consultant Tim Daish about the tool he built to help deliver better performance health checks

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    How to get important images to load early

    Why an image element is better than CSS for important images

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    How do the UK’s political parties view cyber security?

    Introduction With just a few days to go until the UK takes to the polls to vote in the General Election 2015, the big question on the lips o ...

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    Why new image formats could make your site faster

    The benefits and drawbacks of using the latest formats.

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