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    NCC Group Graduate Solution - Challenge 1: Hacker Proof Profiles

    Background This blog is part of a series discussing the NCC Group 2014 Graduate Challenge. Solution On starting the Hacker Proof Profiles ch ...

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    NCC Group Graduate Challenge 2014

    Background On October 14 2014, the latest incarnation of the NCC Group Graduate Challenge went live with a shiny new website at https://arey ...

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    Exploiting Samba CVE-2015-0240 on Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 7 32-bit

    tl;dr It was found that Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit and Debian 7 Samba binaries contained a stack layout that was suitable for exploiting the recent ...

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    CS Debuts Crypto Training at Black Hat

    Introduction  NCC Group's Cryptography Services will be debuting its Crypto Training Course: Beyond the Beast: Deep Dives into Crypto Vulne ...

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    Acclerating Cloud Adoption for Regulated Banking

    Guest blog Many forward-thinking financial organisations have started adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to capitalise on innovation, ac ...

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    Is Google about to tell the world that your site is too slow?

    It looks as though a new label will warn searchers about slow-loading websites - we look at the possible implications.

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    Valentine's Day landing page performance

    How did florists and other retail websites cope with the Valentine's Day rush?

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    OpenSSL Audit

    Introduction The reputation built by NCC Group, including iSEC Partners, Matasano Security, Intrepidus Group and NGS Secure, has led compan ...

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    Derusbi: A case study in rapid capability development

    Introduction NCC Group’s Cyber Defence Operations team has released a technical note about the Derusbi Server variant, which we encountered ...

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