NCSC's Active Cyber Defence programme 'something to be celebrated'

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has released a report which reveals that it detected and prevented 54 million cyber attacks in 2017.

The report, entitled Active Cyber Defence - One Year On, also states that the NCSC took down more than 120,000 unique phishing websites in 2017 as part of its Active Cyber Defence (ACD) programme. The programme's methods have led to a 2 per cent reduction in the volume of global phishing and malware attacks hosted in the UK since 2016.

Ollie Whitehouse, Global CTO at NCC Group, praised the NCSC's success, highlighting that this is a positive sign for the future of the UK cyber security industry.

"At a time where the range and volume of cyber security threats is increasing rapidly, a 2 per cent drop in malware and phishing attacks hosted in the UK is something to be celebrated. In the short time since its creation, the NCSC has had a swift but significant positive impact on the security of businesses and consumers, which will no doubt continue in the years to come.

"Through working closely with the NCSC, we've found that its focus on collaboration is key. By uniting the public and private sectors it is building a resilient security culture across the whole of the UK."

As an NCSC-approved CHECK company, an NCSC assessment partner and a provider of certified Cyber Security Consultancy, NCC Group works closely with the NCSC. We are also one of seven organisations accredited by the NCSC to provide Cyber Incident Response services with regards to critical national infrastructure.

This year, the NCSC's flagship cyber security event, CYBERUK, will be hosted just minutes from our Global HQ in Manchester. We are proud to support the conference as a lead sponsor for the third consecutive year.


Published date:  06 February 2018

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