International Turnkey Systems Case Study

With more than 30 years experience working in the Middle East, ITS provides solutions that enable small to medium sized organisations to remain competitive in a fast-paced business environment.


ITS’s flagship product offering is its ETHIX financial software solution. The ETHIX financial solution is a comprehensive state-of-the-art banking and financing solution that addresses the current and future needs of the financial services industry. In addition to this, ITS has also developed a range of products which address the needs of different business areas within financial organisations. Products such as the ETHIX-Mobile enables banks to provide their customers with the ability to securely access their bank account information and perform critical banking functions 24/7 via the ETHIX-Mobile browser interface. As the financial services organisations using ITS’s ETHIX products do not own or control the source code behind the software, in the event of provider failure they would not be able to support or maintain the business critical application for their end users.


ITS understands the importance of ensuring the long-term availability of its business critical financial services software solutions for its customers. Following a review of the marketplace and the protection solutions on offer, ITS decided to partner with risk management specialist, NCC Group. As part of the solution ITS opted to implement a number of escrow agreements, with each agreement put in place between them, a licensee and NCC Group as the independent third party. In the unlikely event that ITS is no longer available to support or maintain its products, the licensee can apply for the material held in escrow to be released quickly and safely. This will allow the licensee to continue to maintain the software in-house or transfer to an alternative provider minimising disruption and cost to its organisation.


Working proactively with its clients and NCC Group, ITS demonstrates its commitment to best practice and long term client relationships. Mehmood Ahmed, Head of Paralegal at ITS, commented: “Our ETHIX solutions bring real business benefits to financial services organisations. However, due to the business critical nature of our products it was important for us to take steps to ensure long term availability. By partnering with NCC Group we are able to provide our customers with peace of mind that should the worst happen they can continue to access the application.”

Daniel Liptrott, Managing Director of the Escrow division at NCC Group, concluded:

“In a heavily regulated industry such as the financial services it is great to see ITS taking a proactive approach to protecting its banking software. NCC Group is committed to working with forward-thinking software providers like ITS in order to provide the best solution for end users.”


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Published date:  12 January 2017

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